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Ergon KEK


ERGON KEK was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading vocational training centers in Greece.  Since its foundation, ERGON KEK has been established as one of the most dynamic organizations in the field of vocational education and training in the country.

Until today, 10.000 people have been trained by ERGON KEK at topics such as:

- Information Technologies
- Economics and Management
- Tourism and Services
- Environmental Studies
- Health and Welfare
- Media and Communication 
- Technical Skills and Transport
- Culture and Sports etc.

In its 15-year presence in the field of vocational training ERGON KEK:

- has offered approximately 1.000.000 training hours
- has delivered approximately 500 vocational training programmes
- has participated in approximately 40 European projects, community initiatives etc.

Moreover, ERGON KEK has a long experience in the development of educational curricula and other innovative activities relating to issues and topics that correspond to societal needs and European priorities.  ERGON KEK, through its work, has exhibited an active interest in a number of social issues such as poverty, discrimination and suppression of human rights and has attempted through the implementation of innovative learning methodologies to moderate their impact.


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